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Vermont Agricultural Mediation Program
177 Paddy Hill Road
Moretown, Vermont 05660

VTAMP provides free mediation services to the agricultural community in Vermont on a variety of agricultural issues. VTAMP is part of the USDA's state certified mediation program and is certified by the Vermont Agency of Agriculture. Mediation is an informal way to resolve problems by utilizing an impartial person to assist the parties negotiate their differences. The mediator does not have decision-making authority and does not determine who is legally right or wrong. The mediator helps the parties by facilitating the discussion, identifying and clarifying the issues, and exploring options to resolve the problem. Mediation is generally faster and cheaper than other methods to resolve problems and often repairs strained relationships.


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Julie Hoyt
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Director of the Vermont Agricultural Mediation Program (VTAMP) - the official United States Department of Agriculture certified agricultural mediation program for Vermont. VTAMP provides free mediation services to the agricultural community to help resolve disputes before they end up in court.


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Mediation, Dispute Resolution, Adverse Decision Letters, Agricultural Credit Issues