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Vermont Bioenergy Initiative
(802) 828-5670
3 Pitkin Court Suite 301e
Montpelier, Vermont 05667

The Vermont Bioenergy Initiative draws the connection between diversified agriculture and renewable energy production. Aiming to supply farm inputs and reduce fossil fuel consumption, the Vermont Bioenergy Initiative showcases the range of possibilities; from research and crop farming to feedstocks and fuel. Since 2003 the program has focused on biodiesel production and distribution for heating and transportation, oil crops for on-farm biodiesel and feed, grass for heating, and algae for biofuels and wastewater management. A series of educational videos can be viewed at A complete resource website to be used in the classroom, the field, or in advocating for sustainable business ventures will be live this fall.


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Sarah Galbraith
Program Manager (802) 828-5670
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Sarah Galbraith is the program manager for the Vermont Bioenergy Initiative at Vermont Sustainable Jobs Fund (VSJF) and also coordinates bioenergy cross-over with the Vermont Farm to Plate Network. With over seven years of community-scale and locally-sourced biofuel experience, Sarah administers small grants to support researchers and technical assistance providers who are advancing biofuel production in Vermont and leads strategic planning and coordination among stakeholders in the program areas of grass thermal energy, oilseeds for fuel and feed, and algae for fuel and wastewater management. Sarah assists farmers, facilities, and communities by providing resources and technical assistance for energy crops to be grown alongside food production. Prior to transitioning into the bioenergy management role at VSJF, Sarah supported Farm to Plate Network activities and contributed to several chapters of the Farm to Plate Strategic Plan. Previously, Sarah worked at the Biomass Energy Resource Center (BERC), where she conducted over 50 bioenergy project assessments including siting, technology selection, fuel sourcing, economic feasibility, and estimations of sustainable forest fuel availability. Sarah holds a Bachelor of Science in Biology from Eastern Connecticut State University. She lives in Marshfield, Vermont with her long-time partner, their dog, a large garden, and a small woodlot.


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