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Vermont Compost Company
(802) 223-6049
1996 Main St.
Montpelier, Vermont 05602

Vermont Compost Company was founded by organic crop growing professionals to meet the need for high quality composts and compost based, living soil mixes for certified organic plant production.


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Sid Hammer
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I work for Vermont Compost Company, a business devoted to manufacturing and supplying the highest quality living soil media for those committed to growing exceptional plants through ethical practices in farms, nurseries, rooftops, landscapes, and anywhere else where performance, quality, and integrity are paramount. We firmly believe that ethical production of food must start with ethical treatment of the biological communities present in ones soil, a goal which permeates all that we make and sell. We strive above all else to help our customers and friends thrive as participants in the vibrant community we serve—those of us who have tasked themselves with sustainably performing the noble, nuanced, and increasingly vital roles as food producers and soil stewards.
Shawn Chevalier
Kurt Ericksen
(347) 628-1627
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Assistant General Manager - Vermont Compost Company
Network Groups: Food Cycle Coalition


  • Farm Inputs
    • Compost producer or supplier
  • Nutrient Management
    • Compost producer or supplier
  • Food Production
    • Eggs


Premium Potting Soil, Screened Manure Compost, Eggs