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Vermont Farm and Food Trail
395 Middletown rd
South Londonderry, Vermont 05155

Your Destination to Vermont Agriculture & Local Foods Along the Vermont Farm & Food Trail you will find the freshest locally grown and handmade products. When you buy directly from a Vermont Trail member farmer, we receive 100% of the food dollar. Direct person to person sales insure freshness, provide a larger profit margin for the small farmer, and most importantly, feed the local economy. From both a local and global ecological perspective, the Vermont Farm and Food Trail is paramount in its role as a conservationist collective. By supporting farms that sell through local direct markets, you are helping to foster land preservation, a healthy food system and environmentally conscious practices to feed and nurture our communities and ecosystem.


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Emmett Dunbar
Director (802) 824-4658
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I have nearly twenty years of experience in teaching and practicing organic agriculture. As a farmer, educator and administrator involved in many direct marketing initiatives, I feel my extensive knowledge and experience will contribute to the overall success of individual businesses, nonprofit missions and agriculture in Vermont. My competence in human relations, time management, finances, data entry, market development, and general practices in management and teaching contribute to my comfort in the leadership roles I have held.


  • Marketing
    • Agriculture and culinary tourism
    • Food system media
    • Local food directories
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  • Retail Food Outlets
    • Farm stand / farm store
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  • Food Access and Nutrition
    • Community / public garden
    • Localvore / Transition Town / Community group
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  • Education
    • General food system education
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  • Business Planning and Technical Assistance
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