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Vine Ripe Greenhouse Construction
(802) 498-8031
392 Erskine Road
Roxbury, VT 05669

We build, repair, amend, tweak, or otherwise refine Ledgewood, Harnois, and Rimol greenhouse systems across Vermont and New England, helping farmers and homesteaders of every stripe bolster and contribute to our shared agricultural economy.


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Michael Feiner
Owner (802) 498-8031
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Vine Ripe Greenhouse Construction, LLC builds, repairs, amends, tweaks, or otherwise refines Ledgewood, Harnois, and Rimol hoophouse/greenhouse systems across Vermont and New England.


  • Farm Inputs
    • Agricultural equipment
    • Nursery / greenhouse
  • Business Planning and Technical Assistance
    • Infrastructure


hoophouse, greenhouse, construction, high tunnel, building, repair