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Wild Roots Farm Vermont
195 Harvey Road
Bristol, Vermont 05443

Since 2015, Wild Roots Farm Vermont has been a community partner for college courses, K-12, and the farmer veteran population, as a model for site diversification and resilient food systems. We believe that providing examples of various models of production and land regeneration will help to better inform the decision making process for those who are interested in homesteading and farming. The people are equally as important as the food itself. Education through social interaction is the first step in sustenance.


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Jon Turner
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Jon Turner operates Wild Roots Farm in Addison County, Vermont, where he provides opportunities for students, veterans and community members to engage with diverse & ecological food systems, through workshops, internships and social gatherings. Wild Roots Farm Vermont is a 10.5 acre farmstead operation, that is actively engaged in restoring diversity above and below ground by using appropriate, site specific design, agro-forestry practices, and bio-mass inputs. Jon currently sits as chair for the Agricultural Task Force on the Greater Middlebury Economic Climate Committee and is a board member for NOFA-Vt. More information about the farm and it's impact can be found at


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