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Windham Grows
157 Main St.
Brattleboro, Vermont 05301

Windham Grows is a business hatchery (sometimes called a business accelerator). We are a project within Strolling of the Heifers. We operate on the mantra that good business makes good community, and good community makes good business. As such, we help food and agriculture businesses start and scale in a way that is good for the entrepreneurs, good for the community and good for the environment.


Name Title Phone
Jim Verzino
Entrepreneur in Residence (802) 242-1249
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I help farm and food entrepreneurs start and scale their businesses as Entrepreneur in Residence at Windham Grows.


  • Marketing
    • Agriculture and culinary tourism
    • Food system media
    • Local food directories
    • Marketing consultants
    • Support organization: Marketing
    • Other: Marketing
  • Workforce Development
    • Internship / Apprenticeship / Mentorship programs
    • Incubator programs
  • Business Planning and Technical Assistance
    • Access to capital
    • Accounting and taxes
    • Feasibility and planning
    • Human resources
    • Infrastructure
    • Land access
    • Legal and estate planning
    • Marketing
    • Packaging and safety
    • Production / Processing technical assistance
    • Regulations and permits
    • Other: Business Planning and Technical Assistance
    • Technology solutions


mentorship, accelerator