Food Access Self Assessment

The Food Access Cross Cutting Team’s Food Justice Committee has created this tool for individuals, communities, businesses and organizations to explore how their activities support improving food access. There are many approaches to addressing the problems of hunger and food insecurity, including hunger awareness, hunger relief, food justice, right to food, and food sovereignty. We believe these are complementary; a variety of approaches are necessary and we are not trying to imply that every organization should try to ‘do it all’. At the same time, we believe that organizations focusing on a single approach are likely to increase their effectiveness by considering additional approaches, or partnering with organizations that use other approaches. This tool is meant to serve as a way for individuals, communities, businesses and organizations in Vermont to: • Celebrate, support and appreciate the work that is being done to offer equal access to nutritious, culturally appropriate food for all. • Appreciate the variety of roles necessary to create and sustain a healthy, equitable food system. • Explore different ways to promote food access throughout the food system and explore new ways of intervening in the system. • Understand the breadth of approaches into improving food access in Vermont’s food system. • Identify areas to incorporate other approaches into your work