Vermont Food Security: Roadmap to 2035

Our Shared Goal: In 2035, all Vermonters will be food secure. The Vermont Food Security Roadmap to 2035 guides our way to that future. Vermont has the tools, knowledge, and resources to create food security and ensure that every person living here has the food they want and need to be healthy and nourished. Our time to act is now. 

The Roadmap is a collective effort of the Farm to Plate Network, researchers, partner organizations, and Vermonters who contributed their personal expertise regarding food security. Development of the Roadmap took place over 24 months and involved over 600 people. To achieve the goal of a food secure Vermont by 2035 the Roadmap prioritizes systems and policy changes over individual-level interventions. It builds on government programs, community innovation, and the shared experiences of Vermonters in recent years, with policy recommendations and actions we can take in Vermont to create permanent, equitable food security for all. 

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Food Security in Vermont: Road Map to 2023 - Cover Image - fields with trees