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Writing the Food Security Plan

Food Security Planning - Photo Courtesy of Action Circles

We are excited and hopeful that we can make a just, implementable, concrete, and ambitious Food Security Plan that leads to food security for everyone in Vermont. This year, we will write the Plan. A brief timeline overview for writing the Plan this year can be viewed here. Do you want to help draft the Plan? You may want to join a Topic Writing Team. Read more about  the roles and tasks of Topic Writing Teams here. Apply to be part of a Topic Team with a simple application here, by February 15. 

This year, to write the Plan, the Vermont Food Security Plan Priority Strategy Team (FSPST) will become a more typical Farm to Plate group with regular meetings and tasks outside of meetings. “Strategy Teams” are a group of Farm to Plate Network members actively tackling a priority strategy from the Agricultural Strategic Plan.  The Topic Writing Teams have a very specific task, and there are many other opportunities and ways to add your skills and knowledge in the FSPST this year.  People who joined the planning through community outreach may join the FSPST as well. If you are not a member of the Farm to Plate Network, but want to be involved in the writing and review of the Plan this year, please join the Network now! You will then be able to join the Food Security Plan Team listserv.