The Financing for Farmland Access PST (Priority Strategy Team) is focused on issues related to cost, accessibility and equity in relation to farmland in Vermont. They are tasked with implementing Priority Strategy 9 included in the Vermont Agriculture and Food System Strategic Plan 2021-2030: "Expand funding for existing programs dedicated to farmland access and conservation, and leverage this funding to increase land access through flexible and new ownership financing mechanisms, policies, and models....There must be a particular emphasis on the needs of beginning, socially disadvantaged, and BIPOC farmers."

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Takeaways & Next Steps 2/6/19 Farm Transfers Convening: Financing Sticking Points & Solutions Hosted by the VT Farm to Plate Network’s Financing Crosscutting Team
It is more important than ever to keep your funding partners in the loop on the impacts of the current health/economic crisis on your business, and to engage them in...
The first financing case study, Seeding the Future With Convertible Debt, focuses on High Mowing Organic Seeds--a producer of more than 600 varieties of vegetable, fruit, herb, and flower seed that employs more than 40 people in Wolcott--and convertible debt.
The second financing case study, Complex Dough, focuses on the land deal that enabled Bread & Butter Farm to purchase a conserved farm in Chittenden County.
The third financing case study, Cookie Royalty, focuses on Liz Lovely, Inc. and a royalty financing deal that helped the business to grow.
This report shares the findings, analyses and commentary of the second phase of a project conducted by Land For Good ( (LFG) to understand the potential of private “values-based” investment...