The Food/Agricultural Literacy PST (Priority Strategy Team) is tasked with implementing Priority Strategy 19: "Support and expand existing farm and food education, programming, and convene partners and conduct research to: identify the distinct audiences and goals for various initiatives; determine what types of programming, experiences, or information result in greater levels of behavioral change for those audiences and initiatives; and strategically coordinate efforts."

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Resources Created by This Group

An overview of agritourism in Vermont.
A collection of best practices and advice for any person looking to get the word out about their agritourism operation.
A collection of best practices of successful agritourism operations from throughout the state along with how-to guides to started!
Research and analysis conducted by the Farm to College Task Force to explore opportunity for increased procurement of locally produced foods at institutions of higher education.
The Farm to Plate Network is developing a statewide local food campaign to increase consumer demand for local food. As farmers and producers scale up production and additional market channels...
Communities of Practice (CoPs) are groups of people in organizations who come together to share what theyknow, to learn from one another regarding some aspects of their work and to...