The Retail Grocers Priority Strategy Team (PST) is tasked with implementing the retail grocery market aspects of:

  • Priority Strategy 17: Help individual farms and food businesses reach new customers by developing tailored marketing assistance services and programs specific to various market channels.
  • Priority Strategy 8: Support product-specific value chain development. Strategies include bringing producers, distributors, and buyers together at matchmaking events, assisting producer-driven aggregation, distribution, and marketing enterprises, and funding the development of market opportunities in the Northeast.

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Resources Created by This Group

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End caps & impulse displays are used to promote new products, feature Vermont, seasonal and popular items while providing customers with value propositions.
Tips and strategies for successfully cross merchandising to boost sales and profits.
Tips and strategies for creating and managing a successful sampling program.
Tips for handling and storing 22 different types of produce.
10 questions to ask to strengthen produce merchandising.
Strategies covering the 5 Ps of Marketing: Product, Placement, Pricing, Promotion, and People.
A worksheet to assess store merchandising.
Key tips to improving store merchandising.
A worksheet for self-evaluating your receiving operations.
Tip sheet for purchasing direct from local vendors.
Tip sheet for building and maintaining efficient relationships with local vendors.
Tip sheet for working with local vendors
A greatest hits showcase of creative merchandising in Vermont stores of all sizes.
Tips and strategies for running an effective sampling program.
Tips and strategies for effectively using signage to increase sales.
Tips and strategies for stimulating consumer demand through in-store promotions.
Tips for how to improve sales through improved merchandising.
More display tips for all stores that covers basic display concepts and provides inspiration to unleash staff creativity.
Display tips for all stores that covers basic display concepts and provides inspiration to unleash staff creativity.
This episode covers the 5 keys questions to ask after you've brought in new product to your store: (1) Have sales dropped? (2) Should the price be changed? (3) Change...
This episode covers the 5 key questions to ask when buying a product for your store: (1) Should I buy it? (2) Who should I buy from? (3) What should...
Tips that cover guidance on ordering, delivery, invoicing and billing, crediting, and additional requirements and policies when sourcing from local producers.
A look at how to build effective relationships with local producers and the local gateway products that can help jump-start your local purchasing and sales.
An introduction to the local food landscape in Vermont.
This report provides an understanding of the kinds of products independent grocery stores currently sell and what real and perceived barriers exist to selling more or different products at independent grocery stores.
In 2014, the Vermont Farm to Plate Network, in collaboration with the Vermont Retail & Grocers Association (VRGA), completed a survey of independent retailers in Vermont, revealing that 100 percent...