Agricultural Land Use Planning Modules

Open space conservation

Agricultural planning modules that provide guidance and resources on new issues like food system planning, agripreneurism, and composting, while giving detailed guidance on historically important issues such as farmland conservation, farmland and taxes, and land use regulations. These topics are covered in 5 short easily digestible modules that can be read as a series or quickly referenced individually.

Resources in this collection

This toolkit focuses on improving food access through municipal and regional plans. It includes information on the planning process, explores the way that food access relates to other topics that...
Additional resources on local planning for food access, including resources on designing and implementing specific strategies.
An introduction to agriculture and food system planning.
A planning guide to agricultural land conservation that covers partners, tools and techniques, and resources.
This module explains how farmland is taxed, and what would happen in both the short and long term if farmland protection tools available to communities were utilized.
An overview of how local regulations can promote diversified enterprises on farms that can help bolster farm viability, keep land open and in production, and maintain or enhance a community's...
An overview of the intersection between agricultural land use planning and Vermont's Right to Farm Law and Act 250.
This document is the first half of a short guide on how the community food system strategies recommended in Farm to Plate resources relate to ARPA funding guidelines. This portion...