The Land Access and Land Use Topic Exchange helps to facilitate communication, exchange of information, and to build connectivity and relationships amongst members who share an interest and/or knowledge of land related issues in Vermont. This group will include issues previously addressed in issues previously addressed in Farmland Access and Stewardship Working Group, Financing Cross-Cutting Team.

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Resources Created by This Group

An assessment of how to respond to ongoing negative trends in Vermont agriculture.
An overview of the intersection between agricultural land use planning and Vermont's Right to Farm Law and Act 250.
An overview of how local regulations can promote diversified enterprises on farms that can help bolster farm viability, keep land open and in production, and maintain or enhance a community's sense of place.
This module explains how farmland is taxed, and what would happen in both the short and long term if farmland protection tools available to communities were utilized.
A planning guide to agricultural land conservation that covers partners, tools and techniques, and resources.
An introduction to agriculture and food system planning.