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6/29/21 4:00pm - 5:00pm

Growing Farm-Based Education in a Post-Covid World

What changes did you make in your farm safety, communications, and programs that will endure, even as the pandemic's shadow lifts?

6/29/21 6:00pm - 7:30pm

Make and Take Tuesday: Apple Crate Garden

Come spend an evening with the Red Wagon Plants crew learning how to build your own container garden! $50, including apple crate and materials.

7/10/21 12:30pm - 4:30pm

Having a Family Cow

Farm Fresh Milk From Your Own Cow! Think of all the yogurt, cheese and butter you could make....

7/12/21 4:30pm - 7/23/21 8:30pm

VTC Gas Metal Arc Welding: MIG Basic

Learn basic (wire feed) gas metal arc welding

7/20/21 6:00pm - 7:30pm

Know and Grow Your Chicory

Chicory Week (yes, it's real!) will be here in October before we know it! Come join Red Wagon Plants owner Julie Rubaud and herbalist Sophie Cassel in discussing all things chicory to prepare for the extravaganza! $10.

7/24/21 1:00pm - 4:30pm

Butter, Yogurt & Cheese Making Class

Creating Value-Added Products in the Kitchen

7/31/21 3:00pm - 8/14/21 9:00am

Regenerative Gardening and Meditation: Gardening to Stabilize the Climate at Karme Choling

Do you long to live in harmony with nature and feel more connected to the land? For this interactive two week gardening intensive we ask you to bring your particular questions and challenges about how to develop and fortify your home garden or landscape. With daily meditation and contemplations in the forest and garden, we'll examine our human role in nature and examine ways to enhance the resiliency and beauty of our environment. Our luscious Karmê Chöling garden and surrounding landscape will serve as an example and training ground but central to our discussions will be how you can incorporate Regenerative Methods in your garden. We will be limiting registration to eight participants, so sign up early.

8/5/21 9:00am - 9/25/21 4:00pm

VTC Field Production of Resinous Hemp

Learn about the production of hemp for CBD and other non-psychoactive cannabinoids. This training will focus on hemp physiology, cultivation, and production systems to support emerging products and markets.

8/8 - 15, 21

Vermont Open Farm Week 2021

Celebrate our local food and farms at the 7th annual Vermont Open Farm Week! Taking place at farms across Vermont: August 8-15, 2021.

8/9/21 4:30pm - 8/20/21 8:30pm

VTC Gas Metal Arc Welding: MIG Intermediate

Build on the skills you learned in MIG Basic Welding You’ll learn how to: Weld full penetration groove welds in the flat and horizontal positions Practice horizontal and vertical positions with 3/8″ plate welds Perform 1″ plate welds in the flat position and move on to the horizontal position

8/21/21 9:00am - 8/22/21 4:00pm

Meat Cutting: Butchering Basics

Introduction to Butchering This training will include an introduction to HACCP planning. Participants will begin their butchering skills by focusing on chicken fabrication and a lamb breakdown

8/21/21 10:00am - 1:00pm

Medicinal Herbs in the Garden: Harvesting and Processing

Wondering what to do with all the beautiful medicinal herbs you've been growing this season? Come with questions and stories, leave with plant preparations and lots of resources to get you started! $50, including materials.

8/31 - 9/2/21

International Workshop on Agritourism

Originally scheduled for October, 2020, the IWA has been postponed to August 31-September 2, 2021 to allow the global constituency to travel freely to the conference.

9/13/21 9:00am - 9/17/21 4:00pm

Wetlands Delineation Training

Learn how to identify the key factors that determine wetlands in this 40-hour training.

9/13/21 4:30pm - 9/24/21 8:30pm

Gas Metal Arc Welding: MIG Advanced

Build on the skills you learned in MIG Intermediate Welding

9/18/21 9:00am - 9/19/21 4:00pm

Pig Butchery

This session focuses on the breakdown and various cuts of a pig. Participants will be introduced to value added production such as sausage making, hams, and bacon

10/8/21 9:00am - 10/9/21 4:30pm

Artificial Insemination of Dairy Cattle and Reproductive Management

Learn about the bovine reproductive cycle and common reproductive management interventions.

10/9/21 9:00am - 10/10/21 4:00pm

Beef Butchery

This session will focus on the breakdown and various cuts of a beef half. Participants will practice and feel confident breaking down a half beef into steaks, roasts, stew meat, etc

10/18/21 9:00am - 10/22/21 4:00pm

Craft Distilling: The Vermont Experience

Vermont is one of the leaders in the nationwide craft distilling boom. This course will bring you in direct contact with a variety of processes involved in building, operating, and working in the distilling industry

10/18/21 4:30pm - 10/29/21 8:30pm

Gas Tungsten Arc Welding: TIG Basic

Learn TIG Basic Welding

11/11 - 12, 21

11th Annual Farm to Plate Gathering

Save the dates for the 2021 Farm to Plate Gathering!