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1/3/21 3:00pm - 1/31/21 5:00pm

Real Organic Project Virtual Symposium - 60+ Speakers

The 2021 Virtual Symposium happens every Sunday from 3-5pm EST! One ticket gets you into all five sessions or register for a Germinate Pass to view recorded content for 72 hours after each session. We would love for thousands of students, eaters, growers and doers to watch and bring the conversation back to their communities. Don’t miss the limited release compilation of interviews and real-time gathering of over 60 prominent organic farmers, scientists, and climate activists who hope to answer “Can real organic farming be saved?”. Speakers include Al Gore, Bill McKibben, Vandana Shiva, Dan Barber, Alice Waters, Jean-Martin Fortier, Karen Washington, and many more!

1/5/21 12:00am - 2/5/21 11:30pm

Vermont Compost Operator Certification Training

Registration Open to Vermonters for Remote Training

1/8/21 6:00pm - 5/21/21 7:00pm

UVM Extension Master Gardener Course

Learn to create a healthy, sustainable home landscape & grow your own food! Become a volunteer and teach others environmentally friendly, research-based practices. Course offered online, statewide, non-credit.

1/20/21 3:00pm - 5/12/21 4:30pm

Farm to School Professional Development Series

New virtual professional development series for Vermont K-12 teachers implementing food systems, nutrition education, and hands-on learning opportunities into their curriculum. Topics include food justice, trauma informed practices, student engagement, school gardening and cooking.

1/23/21 9:00am - 3/21/21 4:00pm

Meat Cutting: Butchering Basics

This training will cover the basics of whole-animal butchery with both instruction and hands-on demonstration. Participants will learn how to break down beef, pork, chicken, and lamb into primals, subprimals, and case-ready cuts. Value added processing, such as sausage, smokes hams, and bacon will also be covered, with an emphasis on food safety, sourcing, and maintaining high utilization of whole animals. Butchering Basics can be taken as a three-part series or individually by animal interest

2/1 - 7, 21

Vermont Hot Chocolate Week

DigInVT’s Vermont Hot Chocolate Week is a celebration of this delicious winter beverage, as well as all the Vermont ingredients you need to make it - whether it’s a kid-friendly option or an adult, boozy version. The Green Mountain State has the cows and dairy farmers, chocolate makers, chefs, and distillers, so cozy up with a mug this February and all winter long!

2/7/21 3:00pm - 3/4/21 1:00pm

NOFA-VT 39th Annual Winter Conference

This February, in lieu of our in-person conference, we are planning an incredible month-long series of events with many different opportunities for community building and connection through workshops, speakers and film.

3/18/21 9:00am - 3/20/21 1:00pm

Artificial Insemination of Dairy Cattle and Reproductive Management

Learn about the bovine reproductive cycle and common reproductive management interventions. In this hands-on class, you’ll spend three hours developing palpating skills and three hours artificially inseminating dairy cattle. We partner with Select Sire to offer this training (12 hours of lecture, six hours of laboratory).

3/27/21 9:00am - 3/28/21 4:00pm

Integrated Pest Management

Do you face persistent challenges in your greenhouse with powdery mildew? Thrips? Apphids? Root pathogens? Are you interested in using biological control but unsure how to integrate materials into your existing routine? Are you already using biologicals but unsure how to measure their effectiveness? Do you need to apply pesticides safely and effectively? Are you propagating CBD hemp plants?

6/7/21 9:00am - 6/11/21 4:00pm

Craft Distilling: The Vermont Experience

Vermont is one of the leaders in the nationwide craft distilling boom. This course will bring you in direct contact with a variety of processes involved in building, operating, and working in the distilling industry

8/5/21 9:00am - 9/25/21 4:00pm

Field Production of Resinous Hemp

Learn about the production of hemp for CBD and other non-psychoactive cannabinoids. This training will focus on hemp physiology, cultivation, and production systems to support emerging products and markets.

8/31 - 9/2/21

International Workshop on Agritourism

Originally scheduled for October, 2020, the IWA has been postponed to August 31-September 2, 2021 to allow the global constituency to travel freely to the conference.