Aggregation and Distribution

The Aggregation and Distribution Working Group focuses on aggregation, processing, storage and distribution strategies that expand linkages between locally produced and processed food and the full range of market outlets (e.g., schools, hospitals, grocery stores, etc.).

Working Group Members include wholesale distributors, food hubs, regional food centers, online marketplace businesses, food service providers, government agencies, retail market owners, food producers and processors, charitable food distribution organizations, and other organizations.


Take 5 Retail Training Videos Released

Take 5 is a series of 12 local food sourcing and merchandising training videos for Vermont retail stores to help increase local food sales. They are helpful for food producers to watch as well - in order to better understand the needs of retailers, and thus more effectively sell to them.

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Digging into and comparing recent research and data with Rose Wilson

The Working Group heard about and discussed several recent studies that have identified gaps in the supply and challenges to supply chains. Next steps included how to get key information out to stakeholders.

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