Aggregation and Distribution

The Aggregation and Distribution Working Group focuses on aggregation, processing, storage and distribution strategies that expand linkages between locally produced and processed food and the full range of market outlets (e.g., schools, hospitals, grocery stores, etc.).

Working Group Members include wholesale distributors, food hubs, regional food centers, online marketplace businesses, food service providers, government agencies, retail market owners, food producers and processors, charitable food distribution organizations, and other organizations.


Aggregation and Distribution Working Group Updates

The Aggregation and Distribution Working Group’s primary focus has been on Independent Grocers, and a Wholesale Study Report with NOFA-VT and Rose Wilson. The Wholesale Study included a producer focus group, interviews with distributors and buyers, information from industry events, input collected from Working Group members, and regular advisory group calls throughout the year. The final report will be available November 2019, with a presentation at a breakout session at the Annual Gathering. A set of recommendations will be informative for the next steps of the working group and the Network as a whole.

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Wholesale Market Research Project

The beginning stages of a wholesale market research project, led by NOFA-VT in partnership with the Aggregation and Distribution Working Group, are underway. The project team, working with consultant Rosalie Wilson, hosted a farmer forum Thursday, March 7 to gather input and feedback related to wholesale market experiences, bottlenecks, and questions that they would like addressed through the research. Click to learn more!

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